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Lunit INSIGHT for Mammography


Lunit INSIGHT for MMG detects, localizes and characterizes suspicious areas for breast cancer.

• Lunit INSIGHT for Mammography is intended to aid in the detection, localization, and characterization of suspicious areas for breast cancer on 4-VIEW PAIRED FFDM (Full-Field Digital Mammography) images.

• The solution is similar to traditional CAD in some ways, in that it detects suspicious lesions on mammograms, but it is distinct (1) in its fundamental technological background being deep learning-based, leading to a far superior level of accuracy; (2) it also accurately characterizes lesions to be malignant or benign via “abnormality scores,” going beyond simple detection; and (3) completely ignores benign lesions, ensuring optimal usability.

• Lunit INSIGHT MMG, more than 200,000 cases from various countries including Korea, UK, and USA have been used to train the algorithm, among which more than 50,000 are biopsy-proven breast cancer cases.

• The solution is expected to get FDA and CE within 2020.

• All images you upload will be automatically deleted IMMEDATELY after results are generated. Your images will NOT be saved.

• All images will be automatically DE-IDENTIFIED before being transferred to our server for analysis.