Uplifter - Campaign Analytics Tracking Made Simple


Create UTMs, CIDs, short links and QR codes you can trust with Uplifter.

Great campaigns are built on solid data – and that means rock-solid links.

One small typo and you lose traffic and derail all your tracking. You lose marketing data, and with it, your competitive advantage.

Don't build your next campaign on spreadsheets and best efforts. Generate dependable UTM codes based on your own taxonomy.

Push clean, granular campaign data to Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Automatically find, flag and fix errors, and make every penny of your budget count.

Key features

UTM Builder > Error-free campaign links every time

URL Shortener > Get more clicks with trusted links

QR Code Generator > Track every touchpoint

Campaign Dashboards > Get your whole team data-driven


Measure, understand and improve your campaigns

Get your whole marketing team on one page, tracking and analysing campaigns the same way, and making brilliant decisions, fast.

Track all your marketing

Create and manage all your UTMs, short links and QR codes in one platform.

Format data just how you want it, making campaign performance clear and easy to compare.

Benchmark and improve

Easily report on all your campaigns and benchmark performance globally.

Allow your team to share learnings and optimise as they go – no more dependency on the analyst.


Take control of your campaign data

Built by analysts, used by everyone. Uplifter makes it easy for your marketing team to create perfect UTM codes, short links, QR codes and campaign reports, themselves.

Reports for everyone

Free up time serving low-level requests by giving marketers self-serve campaign reports.

Stitch together data from onsite analytics, ad servers, email marketing and CRM, with our simple, one-click integrations.

Count actual clickthroughs without using cookies and get the truth about ad performance.


Grow your accounts

Build trust, identify opportunity and prove marketing ROI with campaign analytics.

Help clients see your value

Many clients struggle to grasp the true value you bring to their marketing. They look in Google Analytics and can’t see that those sales were the result of your campaigns.

There’s a disconnect in the data. Their UTM taxonomies and processes don’t align with yours, or with those of their other agencies.

This makes reporting very difficult and attribution almost impossible. Lots of challenging questions, lots of time explaining why the numbers don’t add up, lots of confused faces…

Uplifter solves these issues by getting everyone using the same UTM taxonomy, the same campaign process and the same reporting view for all marketing activity.

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