Employee Communications Plugin for Microsoft365

by Velaku LLC

Velaku transforms Employee Communications: extending Microsoft365 including SharePoint, Teams & Viva

Velaku makes engaging employees easy, fast, and far more effective across all the Microsoft 365 communication channels. 

Powered by AI and workflow automation, and deployed directly in Microsoft365, Velaku enables:

  • Targeted, 1-click broadcasting of content across multiple channels
  • Improves content relevancy with automatic curation
  • Simplifies and speeds up publishing of content with QuickStart templates. 

These three powerful features will literally change your employee communications.

Velaku delivers more value from Microsoft365 specifically for employee communications - while reduces risk – no new or changes to user authentication or security, no learning curve, and no end-user change management. 

Velaku is a full-service enterprise solution with cost-efficient volume-based pricing that's perfect for any size company from 500 to 50,000+ employees.  We enable you to get the most from Velaku with our implementation services, strategic consulting and support.

With Velaku + Microsoft 365 you can make your employee communications do more, better and faster.

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