VeriPark Next Best Action

by VeriPark

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NBA prepares and presents offers relevant to customer needs based on Azure ML predictive analytics

NOTICE TO AZURE CUSTOMERS: this offering is eligible for purchase using an existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). Contact us for more information.

Veripark's Next Best Action (N.B.A.) is a leading customer-centric technology that considers all the possible actions during a customer interaction and recommends the next best one thereby increasing the likelihood of positive response.

Leveraging Cortana Intelligence Suite advanced algorithms of Machine Learning can consume numerous criteria to generate the optimal recommendation; for example, a customer’s profile, needs and significant events as well as the organisations sometimes competing objectives of acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and improving rate of response to offers per customer.

By continuously suggesting ‘what to do next’ to a customer, Next Best Action allows iterative and interactive forms of dialog that customers identify as natural thereby delivering a first class customer-centric experience.

Available as ready to use widgets for Dynamics CRM Online the solution can deliver the intelligent and coordinated messages across all inbound and outbound channels such as Contact Center, Branch, Web, e-mail and social media.

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