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Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise


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An Enterprise-grade, Heterogeneous, Software Defined Storage and Resiliency Solution

Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise is a software defined storage platform that enables enterprise customers to deliver higher application availability with lower infrastructure costs.

While Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise's storage management capabilities enables a robust, manageable, and scalable storage deployment, the application and data availability competencies offer reliable, predictable, and high-performance operations across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise provides a complete suite of storage and clustering capabilities for organizations that desire to deploy and run their tier-1 applications on cloud. It helps organizations meet their business needs by leveraging public cloud services and infrastructure, including Microsoft Azure.

This is a Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) version that enables you to deploy Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise in a Microsoft Azure Cloud. Click Contact Me, fill in the appropriate information, and Veritas will contact you with information on how to obtain a license.

  • Business continuity for enterprise applications by leveraging Veritas Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) technology for underlying block storage
  • Data migration and disaster recovery using Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR), between different regions, or from an on-premises data center to a cloud data center, along with high availability agents for applications and network components
  • Application-specific high availability for applications such as Oracle, SAP HANA, Sybase, etc.
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