Bet-for-fun application for SharePoint

Thanks to vGoal your team can fully experience sport emotions and integrate with each other. How does it work? 

Your employees get an easy-to-use application for betting the results of matches. They can enter the predicted match result. After the end of the game, the administrator introduces the result of the games to the system. You can just watch the game and cheer for your favorite team.

What’s next? vGoal automatically counts the points and updates the ranking. Each user can check their position and number of points, you can also see your colleagues’ bets and position in the ranking. 

vGoal not only encourages employees to use SharePoint but also provides an excellent tool for team integration. It is adapted to support football competitions, such as the European championships or the world championships, but Vialutions can adjust it to other sport or competitions.  

What is also important - we integrated vGoal with Microsoft Teams, so making bets is even easier now. If you use the Microsoft Teams mobile application, you can enjoy vGoal also on your cell phone! 

Is it something your company needs?

Technical Info
vGoal is a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Web Part that can be added within modern SharePoint pages, compatible with SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online.

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