Fruut: AI-powered digital meeting assistant

by Volume Ltd

An AI-powered meeting assistant for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics

With conference calls becoming the norm for collaboration between teams, accurate meeting notes and assigning actions on the spot have become critical in our day-to-day roles. Focusing on these administrative tasks post-meeting can be time consuming and can lead to delayed progress and low visibility of actions.

With a world-leading word error rate tailored to industry specific ontology, Fruut will join any meeting and capture actions assigned to individuals, summarise key notes, log opportunities and automatically push updates into Dynamics 365. It also provides a transcript that has been captured in real-time as well as a summary so that you are able to understand the main topics of the meeting without having to read through the entire transcription.

Why Fruut?

  • Optimised for Microsoft Teams/ Microsoft Planner / Microsoft Dynamics
  • Engages in dialog to gather missing information and clarify ambiguous comments 
  • Dispatches actions to team members 
  • Highlights important decisions from the meeting 
  • Generates a summary of the key points of the meeting 
  • Enables editing of summary, transcript and contact report
  • Generates editable real-time transcript for audit purposes 
  • Sentiment analysis of the meeting
  • Enables privacy mode:
    • Pause listening mode 
    • Delete last sentence 
    • Private or public contact report
  • Tailored to industry specific ontology 

At a glance