QBox | Improve your chatbot training data

by Volume Ltd

Turn your crapbot into an intelligent chatbot

QBox™ will analyze the training data of your chatbot and identify which training data help the model performance, and which ones are impacting it negatively Test your chatbot with QBox to see how it:
  • Measures its understanding so you have the confidence to go live
  • Increases its knowledge so you can scale your chatbot domain
  • Monitors its live interactions so you can observe your users’ behavior
  • Is easy to use, so you put your subject-matter expert in charge
Perhaps you successfully created a small prototype chatbot, but when trying to productize it, realized it was confused about some of your test questions. Perhaps you released a chatbot live and your customer satisfaction isn’t as great as you hoped because your chatbot struggles to understand your users. And the challenge with NLP training data is that when we humans look at it, it seems to make sense. So how do we improve something that seems good? The trick is to look at the training data the way your NLP provider (not a human) looks at it. QBox analyzes and benchmarks your chatbot training data by visualizing and understanding where it does and doesn’t perform, and why (for your chosen NLP provider). With this insight, you can then make informed decisions about how you develop the performance of your chatbot.

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