by Vymo

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Transform your CRM experience with mobility and intelligence.

Traditionally, organizations use CRM tools to help manage their sales process.
But, salespeople hate CRMs because they’re required to spend inordinate amounts of time reporting data into the system.

CRMs are not designed to help them proactively sell more and instead, help management simply track their activities.

And so, even among the World’s top three CRM solutions, usage/engagement is less than 30% as salespeople view the tedious data reporting as a major distraction from engaging with prospects and customers.

Vymo is a mobile-first, intelligent, personal sales assistant app that brings the CRM’s most relevant features to every user group and is focused on driving adoption (average of 70% DAU across deployments), auto collecting clean behavioral data and recommending the right course of action to every sales rep. Vymo transforms your CRM experience with mobility and intelligence.

Vymo is deployed in World-leading enterprises such as AXA, Allianz, FE Credit, Generali, HDFC Bank, and improves productivity metrics such as revenue per sales rep, share of wallet, turnaround time, and NPS that impact revenue directly.


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