Wachete s.r.o.

Monitor web changes

Everybody has at some point need to monitor web pages and get notified about this via email or other channels. If you are advocate monitoring changes in law, sysadmin monitoring availability or defacement detection of your web page, Wachete has solution for large variety of people in different industries. We help marketing people to monitor the moment when price of commodity or stock changes or define complex rules when value of some goods reaches certain value or crosses threshold. We offer solution for auditing companies which need to keep an eye on privacy policies and terms and conditions pages of their client. Our system is build for mass usage and users which need to monitor thousands of URLs. Entering pages into our system is simple and effortless. We support summary daily emails, instant notifications, or mobile apps, SMS or sending message to Slack or MS teams. For integration with other systems we offer comprehensive REST API to control and get notified programatically. You can export data from our system or integrate using Microsoft flows or Zapier. Our system is reliable and all monitoring is happening on our servers hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers. We offer also monitoring of pages behind login or pages which require interaction before collecting data. For pages which are sensitive for users location we also provide proxy servers. Wachete is leader on the market and one of the most complex and user friendly solution for monitoring web changes.
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