Online Retail Price Matching for Enterprise

by Webdata Solutions

Online Retail Price Matching for Enterprise. Scaling assortment and price matching - globally

Online retailers are locked in a daily price war on like-for-like brands to attract and retain customers. Consumer trends drive thousands of product/price variations creating a market place of billions of data points that companies fail to capture. Retailers are forced to make strategic pricing decisions with limited competitor information that has a direct impact on profitability.

We are a data provider for eCommerce insights

blackbee’s price matching platform identifies daily price changes of millions of like-for-like products in any region or language. Using machine learning, blackbee gathers unstructured pricing and assortment information from online sources to process and compare against brands that clients sell. blackbee’s data is instantly available to retailers giving them the power to make informed decisions.

We turn data into valuable information

blackbee collects publicly available and unstructured online product and price data, worldwide and across all sectors. The software then structures and analyzes the data so that online retailer and manufacturers use those deep insights to set their competitive prices, adapt their assortments and be well-informed in time about new trends in their segments. With blackbee, our clients are able to position themselves successfully online and stay competitive in the highly volatile eCommerce market.

We provide the following products based on our blackbee software solution

  • Price Monitoring – shows, on a daily basis, prices set by competitors in the national/international market.
  • Price Optimization – helps retailers optimize their prices and to make more profit.
  • Assortment Analysis – helps retailers and manufacturers adapt their assortment mix based on customers’ needs and competitors’ products.
  • Channel Monitoring – enables manufacturers to see who offers their products in the online national/ international market and at which price.

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