by Wellbeing.Ai

Measures your emotional and mental states for a happier you at work. provides a people-centric solution by combining the latest emotion-detecting technology with robust human sciences, to improve workplace wellbeing.

Gain the control of your wellbeing

View your personal analytics in real-time and identify tasks, meetings, and situations that enable or negatively impact your wellbeing at work. Prevent anxiety and burnout before it impacts yourself and your work.

Manage your team effectively

View comparisons in wellbeing fluctuations between job positions, projects, teams, and business units. With our specialised reports you can be proactive in facing poor wellbeing, and help your team excel.

Privacy is our priority

  • All data collected and analyzed is directly communicated to the employee through a specialised app they can access with their unique credentials, to get suggestions on how to improve their wellbeing and personal performance.
  • Employers only view the anonymized, aggregate data of their teams/organizations, with suggestions, comparisons between previous and current performance of each group and high-end analytics.

This way, both the employees and the employer can test different techniques, manage the workload, and allocate tasks efficiently, while prioritising mental health and privacy.

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