Wipro Workplace Solution for Frontline Workers

by Wipro Ltd

A solution to empower Frontline Manufacturing Employees embracing new workplace design.

About Solution:

Wipro’s Workplace Solution for Frontline Manufacturing Employees embraces new workplace design and manufacturing paradigms to prepare for the future of work. The solution uses Wipro’s strong partnership ecosystem with Microsoft to provide critical support, enabling process efficiencies, unified communication and collaboration, enhanced employee experience management, safety and security. Wipro’s experience-led consulting services enable adoption and change management for key personas like plant supervisors, production technicians and assembly-line operators.

Wipro’s Value Proposition:

1. Proactive Support

    • Service Desk: Generative AI-powered IVA to enable self-help with FAQs/knowledge management and self-heal through automated remediation
    • Digital Field Service: Connected on-site services via AR/VR-driven remote expert assistance

2. Operational and Process Efficiency

    • Digitalized Process: Shift, schedule, task and approval management facilitated within Microsoft Teams
    • Digital Ecosystem: Intelligent operations with automated workflows like quality control using Microsoft Power Automate which can back up inspection personnel

3. Workforce Communication and Collaboration

    • Training and Upskilling: Streamlined knowledge repository with immersive, interactive learning opportunities powered by Microsoft Viva Learning
    • Communication and Collaboration: Effortless communication with AI-driven content modulation in Microsoft Teams utilizing an intelligent digital assistant in the form of Microsoft365 Copilot

4. Experience Monitoring and Management

    • Experience Monitoring: Total experience monitoring with real-time analytics on Power BI
    • Engagement: Inclusive, equitable engagement across the organization with Microsoft Viva Suite

5. Robust Security and Safety

    • Security: Seamless device-sharing experience with endpoint and compliance management, ensuring protection from cyber threats with Microsoft Security Suite including Microsoft Intune and Defender
    • Safety: On-site safety measures and guidance kit using Microsoft365 Copilot

Solution Benefits:

  • Proactive support improves time-to-value by reducing resolution time and inquires.
  • Operational and process efficiencies reduce operation cost with workflow automation and enhance employee productivity.
  • Workforce communication and collaboration elevate employee productivity with dynamic, responsive cross-department coordination and flexibility.
  • Experience monitoring and management at employee touchpoints provide end-to-end visibility to help improve user experience and retain talent.
  • Robust security and safety responsibly democratizes data for a safe, sustainable working environment that employees can trust.

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