Achieving Diversity in Clinical Trials: Wipro Metaverse Experience & Collaborative Care platform

by Wipro Ltd

Wipro's digital health solution to support health equity and patient experience


Digital health transformation and health equity have become imperatives as healthcare leaders across the globe prepare to meet the health equity challenges of an interdependent world. Wipro’s solution meets the patient where they are in high footfall retail settings and enables a Metaverse experience for ALL patients at the entry point to the clinical trial funnel. At pharmacy pods, the patient would enter the experience (via a monitor/display or optional VR Headset) and be virtually transported to the lobby of a local hospital. The prospective patient would follow their avatar in through the clinical trial check-in desk, where the patient would be greeted by a virtual receptionist or clinical research coordinator and provided with clinical trial education and information in the language of their choice. Through IoT and/or Bluetooth, the patient can capture basic biometrics and vitals within the pod, which will be accessible via the Collaborate Care Platform in their patient dashboard. Having this information accessible to patients, providers, and caregivers, could facilitate matching patients to trials in real. This solution would increase access not only to a diverse patient population, themselves, but also create educational awareness for their caregivers especially where the patient is a dependent child or an elderly parent.

About this Solution offer:

The metaverse experience, combined with Wipro's Collaborative Care Platform, is an end-to-end digital health solution to deliver a superior patient experience from illness to wellness which helps in patient engagement, patient progress tracking, motivating patients through care giver connect, and providing content and services to support patient’s adherence, translating into leading a healthy lifestyle. It provides a long-term commitment which is essential to continuously review, improve patient outcomes. Raising awareness that allow patients prescribed with healthcare products to improve their adherence, better understanding of their condition, be engaged long-term, to improve their long-term health. Provide content and services to support patients and achieve better outcomes.

Key features of Wipro's Collaborative Care Platform:

  1. Clinical Site Matching for diverse patients – Allowing patients to experience a clinical site in a virtual setting and get matched to the right study
  2. Patient engagement – Personalized content and notifications with multiple touchpoints to engage with patients in office or virtually
  3. Patient Prescription Module – Show patients the cost of medication, sponsor coupons and discounts available and the best location to fill the prescription while meeting with their physician
  4. Treatment Plan Adherence – Various adherence tools including gamification methods to engage patients to stick to their treatment plans and keep healthy
  5. Healthcare Professional Connect – Appointment and medication refill and scheduling reminders
  6. Social and Collaborative care – Connect to resources including second opinion options, caregiver tools, and social media and advocacy communities
  7. Educational Resources – Targeted resources and education to help patients understand their disease and the management of it, including medication and side effect information
  8. Health Monitoring – Integrate remote monitoring through the use of digital devices, apps, wearables, as well as patient self-reported outcomes.

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