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SkinCare AI API Service


Skinive offers a skin diseases detection service for personal control skin by smartphone cameras.

Skinive API service is designed to recognize classes and types of objects on the skin by photos from smartphones, diagnostic images (dermatoscopy) using artificial intelligence and computer vision. Skinive API service is a cloudy neural network for marking images of skin neoplasms and determining the type of formations The result of marking images: segmentation and marking of skin objects, the percentage of similarity of signs of formations in 5 classes: benign, precancerous, cancer, viral skin diseases (30 types of objects). Skinive API service is designed to reduce the problem of the availability of mobile skin screening tests for end-users, as well as health professionals: skin care specialists, cosmetologists, general practitioners, dermatologists. Skinive is supplied to third-party application developers for integration with Web/Mobile applications and medical systems to improve users skincare expierence. Skinive uses Microsoft Azure for maximum performance, security and availability for clients.