Chatbots for HR

by Witivio

Chatbots for employees and the digital workplace

Witivio is an innovative solution of virtual assistant to empowered employees. Quickly activate your chatbots, without any required code.

BtoE chatbots for the digital workplace

Available in SaaS, Witivio 365 is a design and monitoring platform to quickly enable chatbots for the digital workplace. Fully integrated with Office 365 and information systems (Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, ServiceNow, …), you can easily activate a chatbot for your employees. Virtual assistants are designed to answer recurring questions from your employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the experience of your employees and make your digitalization a success by simplifying access to information and interactivity on your collaborative platforms. Our principal objective is to improve the professional life of your clients.

  • By helping you during the launch of a project that matters to you
  • By automating recurring and time-consuming tasks in order to focus on tasks with higher added value
  • By facilitating the integration of your new employees
  • By improving access to information
  • By reinforcing the reputation of your employer brand
  • By remaining attentive to your requests to always find solutions to your problems

A simple and complete web platform

Administration, knowledge base, monitoring and learning process come together in a simple and complete administration interface. You are autonomous to design and monitor as many chatbots as you want

What are the benefits?

  • Immediate answers: your chatbot is designed to answer any question, any day, 24/7. Always available for your employees.
  • Fast-Acting and designed for everyone: save time on every level and reduce calls.
  • The bot is proactive: comes to talk to users in push mode.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and user feedback tracking.
  • Active Learning: improvements based upon interactions between the bot and users.

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