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The Generative AI chatbot that enhances your team productivity, fully integrated in Microsoft Teams

What is GPT Pro by Witivio?

GPT Pro is an advanced AI assistant, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, transforming the way you communicate and automate tasks with intelligent, context-aware interactions tailored to your enterprise's rhythm.

Why Choose GPT Pro?
Unlike other chatbot solutions that may cater predominantly to large corporations, GPT Pro is designed to be inclusive, straightforward, and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. It simplifies communication and document handling, making it a valuable asset for both individual users and teams.

What you'll get:
🖥️ Dedicated Admin Center: Gain valuable insights and manage your GPT Pro seamlessly.
🗂️ Chat with Doc: Directly interact with your documents within Teams for unmatched productivity.
💬 Prompt Gallery & Custom Prompts: Browse through a vast selection of prompts or create your own for a bespoke chatbot experience, translatable in different languages.
🔌 Enterprise Plugin Extendability: With GPT Pro's plugin capabilities, customize and automate your workflows to fit your enterprise needs like never before.
🔒 Data Security: With your data hosted in France and nested in your proper Microsoft Azure, GPT Pro guarantees the safety of your data, free from unauthorized training use.

You can try GPT Pro for free for a limited time but you might require a valid subscription to enjoy all its features in the long term.

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