Wood ENVision

by Wood

ENVision: Track and reduce emissions with real time data insight

Wood's ENVision provides real-time insights of emissions and carbon releases by streamlining and automating diverse types of data to provide a clear, auditable and accurate view of emissions from any asset, organisation or city:

·       Assure Asset Operations Data: for day-to-day optimisation and reporting emissions data to meet regulatory and corporate commitments.

·       Real-time Portfolio Insight: across multiple assets, incorporating indirect and supply chain emissions, and feeding into decisions around carbon trading and offsetting.

·       Optimise Strategic Decision Making: quantitative target setting, transparent tracking of progress and effective interfacing with other key performance indicators.

ENVision reduces manual tasks associated with data collation and reporting by 80% with clear auditability, and notifies an operator of an issue over ten times faster than traditional methods and spreadsheets.

With a secure Azure backbone, ENVision elevates the value of environmental data, working with other key information sources (such as productivity or finance) to set strategic, measurable goals, with a realistic roadmap for delivery. Automation of corporate reporting, such as real-time carbon footprinting including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions becomes possible through interaction with third-party data.

ENVision enables transparency and confidence to all stakeholders in the journey to achieving emissions and carbon reduction targets.

We’ll meet you where you are and start with what you’ve got to transition step-by-step towards real-time reporting, over a timescale that works for you.  Our aim is to protect your reputation with environmental data you can trust, reporting today with insight for tomorrow.  Real time. Real value.

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