XTOPIA - CMS & Workflow Builder

by XiMnet Malaysia

Build code-less website and applications with XTOPIA

XTOPIA is a no code, Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform. Access to the full power of cutting-edged web technologies so that you can get things done without the hassle.

XTOPIA is built primarily for ambitious non-technical business executives who wish to develop web pages, online forms, business processes and collect data for their customers.
  • As a no-code web application platform, web designers can also leverage on our drag-and-drop interface to build interactive websites.
  • If you are an IT Staff, XTOPIA allows you to code, configure and extend business applications to empower your users. No more endless dull support work.
  • Unlike other enterprise solutions, XTOPIA is fully developed to empower users to build projects without coding. It is also ready for API integration when scalability is required.
XTOPIA is widely adopted by the education, retail as well as service industry.

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