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Zegami - Visual Data Explorer


Transform data into visual business insight

Zegami is the next generation of Visual Data Exploration platforms. We’ve made data analysis accessible to everyone by making it visual and intuitive. The platform transforms data into actionable insight, using both structured and unstructured data, AI and human pattern recognition.

What is Zegami Visual Data Exploration?

Zegami is a data visualization platform designed to help you analyse all the data in your business. You can create compelling data visualizations from structured databases and excel files as well as images, video, documents and APIs.

  • It helps you to recognise patterns and discover insights to improve processes and strategies across your business.
  • It allows you to search, sort, filter, group and analyse large collections data simply and intuitively.
  • It makes data analytics accessible to everyone.

How do organizations use Zegami?

Zegami is pioneering the concept of Visual Data Exploration, helping organizations in many sectors to discover insights that were previously invisible, including:

  • Accessible data Visualization: Allowing everyone to easily create powerful infographics and discover business insights.
  • HR Analytics: To understand organizations using data to improve human capital decisions.
  • Artificial / Machine Learning: Accelerating Machine Learning model development, particularly for visual data.
  • Document Search: Navigate huge document libraries, unlock all the knowledge in the business.
  • Next Generation Pivot Viewer: Improve or replace any current MS Pivot Viewer installation.