Zensors AI Platform

by Zensors Inc.

Base platform offering enabling the deployment of the Zensors AI solution

As a leader at the forefront of computer vision and AI, Zensors provides an operation management platform that helps businesses transform customer experiences and optimize their physical spaces by leveraging existing security cameras to generate actionable data on key service metrics associated with the presence and flow of people and objects. Zensors AI is actively deployed across thousands of cameras at airports, train stations and retail locations globally and is improving operations and enhancing the customer experience for millions of visitors every year.

The Zensors AI Platform offering is the base solution providing the ability to start leveraging advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence using your existing security cameras to generate real-time and historical data to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

This offering includes the following components:
  • Zensors On Premises Interface (ZOPI)
  • Support for up to 10 camera streams
  • Setup and configuration of the platform
  • Support for Insights, Operations Management and Proactive Security use cases
  • Dashboards, analytics, notifications, reports, and unlimited users

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