Zoho Inventory

by Zoho Corporation Private Limited

A powerful inventory management solution for your business.

Zoho Inventory is a powerful and easy-to-use inventory and order management software designed for businesses of all sizes to meet their end-to-end inventory management needs. Keep track of your inventory, manage your orders, track your shipments, and control warehouses from a single interface.

Here's a complete walk through of how Zoho Inventory is the best fit for handling your inventory operations:

Dashboard - Get a complete overview of your inventory management, right from sales to item quantity in a single place.

Inventory management - Create and manage your items along with their images. You can categorize items into groups and keep track of your bundles right from the inventory app.

Order management - Create sales and purchase orders quickly by just selecting the contacts and the right items.

Order fulfilment - Create package slips, shipping labels and send real-time shipment updates to your customers.

Inventory tracking - Add serial or batch tracking numbers to track the movement of items and expiration date.

Barcode scanning - Simplify your order processing using the built-in barcode scanning option. Zoho Inventory is compatible with the popular barcode scanners in the market.

Warehouse management - Create and manage different warehouses or stores without worrying about losing track of the stock count.

Multi-channel sales - If you run an online business, your online orders will get synced automatically, and your stock can be easily updated across different online sales channels.

Online payments - Keep a record of your payments with invoices and bills.

Reports - Generate reports to keep an eye on your business and inventory performance, and revisit your growth strategies.

We are here to help business owners make online inventory management easy and effortless. If you have any questions or suggestions related to our mobile or web app, reach out to us at

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