Sustainability Data Insights

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Leverage PwC’s ESG expertise and services to transform your ESG data management and analytics

Leverage PwC’s expertise and services to transform your organization’s sustainability data management and analytics, powered by Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Power Apps

Companies across industries are under pressure from stakeholders to measure, report, and reduce their impact in key areas like climate change. Meeting these pressures requires organizations to have enterprise-grade sustainability data management systems in place to support transparency and inform transformation decisions. It also requires organizations to have the right tools to engage with their value chain partners and manage transformation initiatives across the organization.

Sustainability Data Insights pairs Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Power Apps with PwC’s proven expertise helping clients create and execute an ESG strategy that meets stakeholder needs and stands the test of time. The solution leverages Microsoft Power Apps to build the connections between existing ERP, CRM, and other third-party systems and Microsoft Sustainability Manger to create a single source of truth for credible reporting and sustainability action.

PwC services and solution are designed to provide clients the flexibility to connect their data and unlock value. Wherever you are on your ESG journey, PwC can help you move from theory to action.


Power Apps for customized sustainability program tracking and management across the enterprise

Portals and interfaces for engaging with value chain partners on sustainability initiatives

Custom Power BI Reporting and Analytics that empower real time decisions and future state planning

Power App module for forecasting and modeling organizational decarbonization efforts

The solution’s benefits include:

✔Streamline tracking and reporting. Reduce time spent collecting, aggregating and transforming your data so you can increase responsiveness to regulators and stakeholders.

✔Enhance trust. Automate calculations, quality checks, access management and activity logging to ensure your ESG data’s integrity and traceability.

✔Generate insights to drive change. Deliver progress toward the ESG commitments of your organization and your customers with timely and actionable insights.

✔Plan for the future. Protect your assets and your business by proactively evaluating and weighing potential future climate risk, enabling you to strategically grow your organization and adjust your ESG strategy simultaneously.

Price will vary based on client scope and business complexity.

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