Power Platform Consulting: 2-wk assessment

Bespoke Solutions Consultancy Limited

Expert consulting service for Power BI adoption

Bespoke's BeScope solution is a pre-adoption scoping exercise which gives you everything you need to make certain that Power BI is right for your business.

BeScope is a collaborative scoping exercise during which time, we will work closely with you to understand exactly what your current business intelligence painpoints are, and what you want to achieve with regards enhanced data analytics. We will evaluate your existing processes and data infrastructure before presenting back to you, your optimal route for successful Power BI adoption.

You will receive:

*A blueprint which clearly defines the required architecture, licenses, data infrastructure and outputs

*High-level roadmap for delivery which clearly outlines the priorities

Benefits to this service:

  • Cost effective way to assess your existing reporting tools and systems to create an achievable action plan for Power BI adoption across the organisation

  • Gives you clarity and understanding as to the optimal route you need to take for Power BI adoption

  • Ensures all internal parties are on board, ready for company-wide enhanced data analytics

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