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VinoTEC Wineries Management: 2-Hr Assessment

Técnicas Informática Pro.Serv. y Ases,SL

In 1 hour, we can determine what capabilities of VinoTEC (ERP, CRM, e-marketing, IoT, data analysis) are right to drive your winery digital transformation powered by Microsoft's technologies.

In one hour, we help you to discover how Microsoft technologies fuel your winery digital transformation. We will explain and demonstrate why VinoTEC platform offers an end-to-end ecosystem that provides ERP, CRM, and BI capabilities using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement tools and Power BI.

We aim to understand how your organization is using your current systems and identify the challenges that your business is facing.

Our assessment is a free tool that offers our expertise working since 1992 with more than 300 wineries in small and middle-size markets (1-250 employees) and cooperating with other relevant agents, like auxiliary machinery suppliers, Qualified Designation of Origin, tax offices, logistics and distribution platforms, EDI suppliers, and other system integrators.


  • Identify key concepts for the digital transformation in winemaking sector
  • Identify key gaps in your current winery business solutions systems
  • Discuss what challenges or limitations you are experiencing that have prompted your interest in a change
  • Discuss opportunities for business improvement through VinoTEC cloud solutions


  • Identify which capabilities of VinoTEC fit better in your company
  • Identify opportunities for generating additional business value using VinoTEC and its relationships with Dynamics 365 applications and other Microsoft utilities
  • Develop a strategic implementation plan

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