Smart Swedish VAT

by SmartApps

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Smart Swedish VAT automates your Swedish VAT reports.

Create a Swedish VAT statement automatically and submit your VAT reports electronically.

Are you manually changing your VAT statement when it needs updating? Do you manually report the VAT return and the EC sales list?

With Smart Swedish VAT you no longer need to manage your VAT statement manually and when you are ready to submit your VAT reports, you simply export the VAT return and EC sales list as files which can be uploaded to Skatteverket.


Smart Swedish VAT consists of:

  • Functionality to automatically create and update a VAT statement according to information in the VAT posting setup.
  • VAT return as a file which can be uploaded to Skatteverket.
  • EC Sales list as a file which can be uploaded to Skatteverket.
  • Assisted Setup Guide to make the necessary settings.

    Supported editions
    This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

    Supported countries
    This app is only supported in Sweden.

    Supported languages
    This app is availiable in English (United States)

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