CRM to Online

Donaubauer AG

4.0 (1)

Migration without intermediate update directly from CRM 2011-2016 to Dynamics 365. Short downtime.

This application is available only in English and German language.

CRM to Online is an application that can transfer the content of a locally hosted Dynamics CRM/365 (on-premise) to the Microsoft Cloud (Dynamics 365 Online). Unlike other tools in the market, CRM to Online can do this with minimal downtime for your CRM organization (less than one hour) and includes the following key capabilities:

  • Cross Version Migration: For example data can be migrated from Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics 365 online.
  • System Attributes: Allows for the transfer of system attributes such as Created on/by and Modyfied on/by.
  • GUIDs: GUIDs for entities such as User, Company, Contact, and Sales Activities will be transferred and filter criteria can be used to limit the transfer to certain entities or attributes.
  • User-mapping: Users can be mapped between the source system and target system.
  • Activities: Activity records can be migrated including any email attachments and notes associated to the activity.
  • Merge organizations: Allows multiple organizations to be merged into a single organization making it easy to handle acquisitions or company mergers.

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