RapidStart CRM Competitor Addon

by Forceworks

Add Competitor Tracking to RapidStartCRM

Note: This is an Addon to our Free RapidStart CRM, and the current version of RapidStart CRM will also be installed. If you already have RapidStart CRM Installed, it will be upgraded to the latest version.

The RapidStart CRM Competitor Addon brings Competitor tracking to your RapidStart CRM.

It can be a dog-eat-dog world out there in the selling business. Many organizations face regular competition for every opportunity. We created this addon to help you track your competition and let you see when you are up against strong competitors. How many times have you lost to Competitor A, and for how much value? This solution will track exactly that.

This is a free Addon for our RapidStart CRM solution, the #1 Simple-To-Use CRM built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

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