RapidStart CRM Web Contact Forms Addon - Free

by Forceworks

Add Simple-to-Use Web Contact Forms to your RapidStart CRM

Note: This is an Addon to our Free RapidStart CRM, and the current version of RapidStart CRM will also be installed. If you already have RapidStart CRM Installed, it will be upgraded to the latest version.

The RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form brings Web Prospect directly into your RapidStart CRM.

One of the highest requested features from our users is now here!

Added to your RapidStart CRM environment, the RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon gives you the ability quickly and easily create Contact Forms for your webpage(s) and website(s). Built on RapidStart CRM, the #1 Packaged Rapid Deployment offering since 2015, with over 80,000 users! RapidStart CRM is the first, and only end-to-end Simplified CRM Application built entirely on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Key Features of this Addon

  • Adds New Web Contact Form Configurator to RapidStart Settings App
  • Adds New Web Form Information Sections to Prospects/Contacts in RapidStart CRM and Sales Only Apps
  • Displays Source Form Name and referring URL
  • Automatic iFrame Generator for Forms
  • Editable Recurrence for collection and instant collection
  • Adds a New Form Performance Tracking Dashboard
  • Unlimited Contact Forms for different pages or websites or A/B testing

Why choose RapidStart CRM Addons?

  • RapidStart CRM Addons are built on the Power Platform by the same company that brought you RapidStart CRM
  • RapidStart CRM and Addons can be customized and extended to meet your unique needs, either by you, your qualified partner, or by engaging our Services
  • RapidStart CRM and Addons are purposefully designed to be easy to learn and adopt
  • RapidStart CRM and Addons work with your other Microsoft Cloud services, like Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams
  • RapidStart CRM and Addons are designed to run on the lowest cost Microsoft license: The $5 Power Apps Per-App Plan


This Addon is Available in English only at this time.


RapidStart CRM Web Contact Forms Addon is absolutely free.

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