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Customer Survey

Integrate and Send Customer Survey Reports from CRM.

Customer polling to identify their level of satisfaction with an existing product, and to discover their express and hidden needs and expectations for new or proposed product(s). MTC’s Survey integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This lets you maximize workplace efficiency and ensure accuracy of your customer data, helps you to bridge a critical gap in CRM by adding customer satisfaction to your list to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This will allow for more proactive customer service, speedy response rates and you never leave your CRM!

How does it benefit an Organization?

  • Choose from many different question types, including check box, text box, radio button, dropdown list, date, time, numeric and rating questions
  • Set surveys regarding any CRM entity, including contacts, leads, or any other CRM entity
  • Send out surveys manually or automatically
  • Manually add a survey activity to a CRM record
  • Manually send a survey to a marketing list of contacts or leads
  • Automatically send a survey, for example, when an opportunity is closed as won (or lost), when a case is completed, when an order is completed, etc.
  • Manually add a survey by calling a contact or lead, generating a survey and filling out the survey for them on the spot