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Looking for AI based tools to save money through elimination of Supply Chain inefficiencies?

Advanced visualization and mapping tools help you to identify the reasons for inefficiencies and high related costs. Our solution extends Microsoft Excel with intelligent functionalities to optimize your Supply Chain performance and realize cost savings.

With Supply Chain Add-in you can:

  • Make your Supply Chain visible on interactive maps and dashboards
  • Optimize your Network Design and find out the optimal number and location of your distribution centers.
  • Optimize your pickup and delivery tours and make your customers happy
  • Forecast the demand of your customers based on latest Machine Learning technology.
  • Plan and optimize warehouses operations.

The add-in works seamlessly with Excel Get & Transform. So, whether your goal is to connect different data sources for your planning project or to build sustainable data pipelines for automated data processing, Supply Chain Add-in makes it easy to create sophisticated Supply Chain Analytics solutions in minutes.

User friendliness has the highest priority for us. Work in your familiar Excel environment and start building advanced analytics solutions that will generate high savings.

Register for a free account* and get started today - no time restriction, and access to all features with free trial!

*Limited data entries allowed with free account.

To access a virtually unlimited amount of data entries, users will be required to purchase our Pro or Enterprise accounts.

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