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Work Order Analytics for Water Utilities on DDP

Wipro Ltd

Insights into Job distribution and job categories by region code and district.

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is an integrated platform, which accelerates ‘time-to-insight’ for an enterprise using pre-built industry apps that enable faster decision making, aided by advanced visualizations.

The Work Order Analytics app on DDP provides insights on Work Oder capacity to understand performance. The descriptive analytics helps determine action required, severity level, cost distribution for regions and districts. It also provides foresight for hiring and in contract negotiations based on forecasts. It showcases trends of planned vs reactive jobs in terms of the best performing regions and districts, job cost analysis, team performance analysis, repeat jobs frequency patterns, work order performance in terms of in-progress closures, overrun jobs and job count forecasting based on historical data.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility on the expected number of work orders for next three months
  • Enable better work planning for both planned and unplanned job areas
  • Enables improved resource planning and workforce composition to handle upcoming work
  • Provides foresight on hiring of specific skills, contractors and contract negotiations with service providers based on forecast