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Create a powerful and feature-rich Word Cloud with shapes, colors and advanced customizations

Transform Data into insights. Create an impactful and eye-catching Word Cloud visual with Powerviz. It offers full customization options like Shapes, Colors, Directions and Text Style. To ensure quality of content, it has options to Exclude, Spilt Words By, Ranking and Conditional Formatting options.

A word cloud is a visual representation of text, where the size of word corresponds to its frequency or importance in the given content. It provides a quick and easy way to understand the key themes or topics present in a text. Word clouds are often used in presentations, reports, and data analysis to visually communicate patterns and emphasize important terms.

Check out the live demo here.

To access all advanced settings features, click the gear "⚙️" icon in the top-right corner.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Word Options – Make your word clouds pop with personalized text styles. Change the appearance of the word cloud by adjusting the font style, size, number of characters, and spacing. Additionally split text column by special characters.
  • Direction – Control the orientation of words with 8 different styles.
  • Colors – 6 color schemes and 30+ color palettes including color-blindness safe options.
  • Shapes – Want to make a statement? Our Shapes feature allows you to create captivating word clouds. Choose from icons and images, or upload your own image or image URL.
  • Ranking – Filter out Top/Bottom N Word. Enable "Show words with same value" for inclusive ranking.
  • Exclude – Remove unwanted elements such as bad words, symbols, numbers and emojis from the text to create a clean and focused word cloud.
  • Conditional Formatting – Easily identify outliers based on measure or category rules.
  • Lasso/Reverse Lasso – Use them to select and deselected multiple words together.
  • Grid view – Transforms the visual into an interactive table. Use pivot mode, filter, search, and sort capabilities for quick data scanning.
  • Show condition – Show/hide the visual based on a condition.

Business Use Cases:

  1. Marketing: Word clouds can be used to analyze customer feedback, keywords for SEO, social media sentiment, or survey responses to identify key themes and understand customer preferences.
  2. Education: Word clouds can be used by teachers to help students identify and improve their writing skills. They can also be used to engage students in brainstorming sessions.
  3. Market Research: Word clouds enable market researchers to quickly analyze open-ended survey responses, customer opinions, sentimental analysis and identify recurring keywords or themes.
  4. Presentations and Reports: Word clouds serve as visually appealing elements in presentations and reports, capturing audience attention and summarizing information in an engaging manner.
  5. Data Analysis: Word clouds can be used to visually explore textual data. By identifying frequently mentioned words, patterns, or trends, analysts can uncover valuable insights and discover areas of improvement.


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