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Boost interactivity in your meetings with Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes

Pigeonhole Live is an employee engagement tool built to make team engagement and collaboration simple, effective, and effortless for you. Whether you need to crowdsource questions, brainstorm ideas, or align on decisions, Pigeonhole Live is built with the right tools to support facilitation, streamline participation, and give everyone in the team a voice.

The Pigeonhole Live app for Microsoft Teams helps to expand the range of interactive activities you can conduct on Microsoft Teams. With the Pigeonhole Live app, you can start Q&As instantly as you jump on a call or share polls ahead of time to get votes on a decision. You can start a suggestion box, run a trivia quiz, get pulse check, and more, all within your dedicated channels.

**Note**: In order to use the Pigeonhole Live app on Microsoft Teams you need an active Pigeonhole Live account.

After installing the Pigeonhole Live app in your Microsoft Teams channels and group chats you can:

1. Create Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes in your Pigeonhole Live Workspace and share it in a pinned tab in your team channels and group chats.

* Your channel members can access the interactive sessions you have set up at anytime from the tab

* They can submit questions, vote on polls, and participate in Quizzes within tab

2. Create Q&As without leaving Microsoft Teams and share them instantly with your channel and group chat.

* After connecting your Pigeonhole Live Workspace to Microsoft Teams, you can create Q&As in channels or group chats

* Your channel will receive a card to notify them of the Q&A

* Channel members can submit and vote on questions within the card (they don't need a Pigeonhole Live account to do so)

* Channel members can click on View in tab button to view the full list of questions submitted in the tab (not available on group chats)

* To create their own Q&As in Microsoft Teams, your channel members can sign up for a Pigeonhole Live account and connect it to Microsoft Teams

* If you want to moderate your Q&A sessions, you can do so from your Pigeonhole Live Admin Panel. All submitted questions will await your moderation before

appearing on your Microsoft Teams channels and group chats.

**Access results, reports and quiz leaderboard**

You can access and export all Q&A and Polls responses collected in your channels and group chats under Insights in your Pigeonhole Live Workspace.

At the end of a Quiz, the top six players will be shown in a live Leaderboard together with their scores. You can view the Leaderboard on the Projector Panel and share the link with your team for everyone to view.

**Information and support**

For more information please visit []( For more information on our privacy policy please visit [](

If you need help setting up or have questions about our product, please visit our help center at []( You can also submit a support request from your Pigeonhole Live Workspace, and our team will be happy to get in touch with you.

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