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Visualize the performance of processes, hierarchies, and custom networks in Power BI!

Enable faster decision-making with the big-picture view using the xViz Performance Flow visual. Gain insights into People, Places, and Entities with Performance Indicators, Trendlines, and Advanced Alerting. Perform effortless visual exploration and analysis with dynamic interactivity.

Discover the potential of visualizing your:

  • Organization Chart: Unveil HR/Employee Performance insights through an interactive Org Tree Chart with performance attributes and trends
  • Process Flow / Swim Lanes: Visualize business flows in various Stages using Swim lanes with connector line
  • Cost Center/Financial Performance: Drive efficiency with Scorecards or KPI Trees
  • Sales Performance Analysis: Dive deep into Sales Performance at Regional, Departmental, and Salesperson Levels with Decomposition Trees
And many more

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Intuitive Experience with Images – Associate people images or representative icons to the entities/nodes for better visualization
  • Drive Performance Excellence using KPIs and Variance – Monitor key metrics and Compare against Thresholds, unveiling Target achievements and Year-on-Year progress
  • Uncover hidden connections using Links – Expand your insights with additional links - illuminate dependencies and relationships within the hierarchy structure, driven by data or customized within the visual
  • Streamline Business Processes using Swim Lanes – Make the visual intuitive and engaging by visualizing flows in Stages using Swim Lanes
  • Storytelling using Notes – Offer additional textual context through annotations, elevating the narrative and insights
  • Stay One Step Ahead – Leverage data-driven rules to highlight outliers, top performers, and bottom performers through node border, background, or font color for swift decision-making
  • Empower Report Users with Dynamic Control
    • Expand/Collapse levels and Navigate effortlessly
    • Dynamic Filtering: Filter nodes based on measure-driven rules
    • Quick Search: Easily locate nodes in complex tree structures
    • Zooming: Zoom in or out of vast tree structures
    • Mini map: Easily locate your current position within large hierarchies with a mini map, providing visual orientation and enhancing navigation efficiency
    • Subtree analysis: Focus on specific subtrees with selected root nodes
    • Detailed view: Dive deeper with comprehensive node information
  • Custom Tabs for end-users – Create subtrees for rapid analysis and pin those as tab pages in the visual
  • Child Count Analysis – Customize node display in collapsed state with options to show Immediate team members or Full subtree count, enhancing understanding at a glance
  • Predefined Templates – Select from a variety of node styles to match your preferred aesthetics and enhance visual consistency
  • Data structure support – Establish the hierarchical structure using Id/Parent Id or Multi-level column structure
  • Rich Configurations – Modern toolbar with abundant configurations - explore a wide range of options to set the look and feel of visual properties, all accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly modern toolbar

Why choose xViz visuals?

  • Trusted by 2000+ customers, including most Fortune 500 companies

  • Over 2M+ downloads across 40+ countries

  • Lumel, as the organization, is the #1 Power BI Visuals ecosystem leader with 20+ visuals (with Inforiver and ValQ) spanning all use cases making us the one-stop shop for all your Power BI use cases for features/functionality gaps unmet by native Power BI.

To know more about how the visual can empower your reporting in Power BI, visit - Performance Flow Resources

Have any feature requests or queries about the visual? - Reach us at xViz Community

The visual contains some Pro Features and additional purchases are required to unlock the full potential in Power BI Service - Learn more

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