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Utilities CX For Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Wipro Ltd

Automate sales, mobilize Customer Service, Digitalize your customer’s experience using our solution

With increasing number of independent suppliers in the market today, utilities are facing a tough competition to retain their existing customer base. Customers are looking for suppliers that offer better services with a quick turn-around and better tariff options to help them reduce their bills. Energy suppliers need automation in processes for multiple utility specific customer requirements. They must also address customer issues and complaints with agility, cross-sell or upsell the energy saving schemes and products in order to retain customers through life-long relationships. An effective solution to enhance customer experience for your end consumer helps you answer questions such as: • How fast can you onboard new or acquired customers? • Are your customers looking for energy saving schemes to reduce their bills? • Are your customers expecting a quick fix for their fuel issues? Dynamics CRM Center of Excellence (CoE) offers Utilities CX, a Cloud based customer experience solution built on Dynamics CRM specifically for utilities suppliers (Electricity & Gas and Water). The solution helps clients improve customer retention, increase workforce productivity and automate routinized processes with flexible deployment and faster implementation.