Non-Profit Security Essentials : 1 Day Workshop

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True.Org will conduct one-day Free Security Awareness Workshop to help nonprofits proactively understand security risks, and acknowledge the benefits of Microsoft's Security Program for Non-Profits

Nonprofits are increasingly under attack from cyberthreats. According to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, from 2018 to present nonprofit has been the most highly attacked industry vertical by nation state actors and the Nobelium and Yttrium attacks hit NGOs particularly hard.

True.Org team will conduct one-day Awareness Workshop to educate nonprofits on proactively understand, identify, prevent, and monitor for security risks, with an aim to create awareness on security risks for non-profits and corresponding Microsoft’s Security Program for non profits offerings to help meet your organization where you’re at on your security journey.

The Brief will cover below Awareness on Security Program for Nonprofits which includes:

•Microsoft AccountGuard for Nonprofits: AccountGuard is a new service that we’re providing to all eligible nonprofits that opt in at no additional cost. AccountGuard helps organizations protect sensitive data and build confidence by providing unified threat detection and notification across organizational and associated personal accounts in the event of a nation-state attack or compromise. Sign up at no additional cost to protect your email domain today.

•Free security assessment: We are providing free security assessments to nonprofit organizations to help evaluate and mitigate your security risks as well as determine cloud optimization opportunities.

•Training for staff and end users:
o For non-IT employees  Protect yourself from online scams and attacks
 Work from home more securely
 Be safer over wireless connections  Intro to cybersecurity o For IT administrators  Microsoft 365 Administrator’s Security Toolkit
 Security collection on Microsoft Learn
 Security Skilling-Hub  Security Virtual Training Days

You will understand where you are on your cloud and security journey to identify and mitigate risks in your organization’s digital environment.

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