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Ambassador program: a program to train, support and professionalize in-house ambassadors to have maximum impact on the use of Microsoft 365.

Ambassadors as guides to a digital culture Who has more impact than a colleague who can show you how it’s done? Someone who helps you find the information you need and develop your digital routines. Such ‘ambassadors’ can be of crucial importance in the adoption of Micrsoft 365. To avoid misconceptions: they are not super users, help desks staff or digital buddies. They certainly are handy with Teams and Microsoft 365 but usually don't have the ability nor the time to coach their colleagues personally. But they do role model embracing Microsoft 365. We have designed a program to train, support and professionalize ambassadors to have maximum impact on the use of Microsoft 365.

How does it work? Once you have recruited candidate ambassadors (which we can help you with) we start with a kick-off to clarify everyone’s expectations. Then we train the ambassadors. In a Teams and Microsoft 365 carousel they learn the essentials. Next, specific apps and functionalities chosen by the organization are trained, including themes like security, data migration etc. We train the personal skills needed to approach and help colleagues effectively. Preferably, ambassadors lead in developing new work routines.

This programme is an effort to create Microsoft 365 Ambassadors who will be experts in Microsoft applications and productive work-routines and are able to advocate this to their peers.

Example of quick-start ambassadors program: Week 1: Recruting ambassadors Week 2: Kick-off - Welcome to the world of Microsoft 365 Week 3: Intake on work-related applications (How do you do your work and which application can help you do this more productively) Week 4: Training and guiding ambassadors new work-routines.
Week 5: Training and guiding ambassadors in personal skills (how to advocate the lessons learned) Week 6: Badging and debriefing.

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