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Stakeholder workshop on Microsoft 365: We provide a sketch of what is possible and how a modern workplace can contribute to productivity, teamwork and communication

See how Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 bring value to your organization This workshop shows what Microsoft 365 can do for your organization in practice. Pratical work Scenarios reveal how apps can be used to make the work easier, faster, and safer – all from a functional perspective. You will experience a variety of features and hidden gems that can have a major impact on productivity, teamwork and communication. The potential Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams offer will amaze you.

How does it work? We do an intake to understand your organization’s IT policy, current digital work methods and needs. This helps us determine the aspects that the workshop will focus on. Where possible, we work with industry-specific situations and examples. The features shown in this workshop provide inspiration and a functional perspective with which to enrich your IT policy. You get valuable and concrete input for your adoption and changemanagement strategy and approach.

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