Building a Project Management Culture: 4-Day Workshop


Our 4 part workshop brings project management methodology to the non-project manager. After completion, your team will be able to intake projects/work, manage timelines, organize tasks and more.

Everyone ends up doing projects at some point, but that doesn’t mean they do them well. Enter the Building a Project Management Culture course—it’s project management for the non-project manager, targeted to your specific organization. Often, there are large variances in software competencies within a team. Get everyone on the same page and learn how to use Microsoft Teams, Planner, Lists, To-Dos, and Office 365 as a whole to gain greater efficiency in managing projects and work. We’ve developed a four-workshop course to deliver structured training in project management methodology and Microsoft 365. After completing the series of two-hour trainings, your team will be able to: • Intake projects/work thoughtfully • Plan and manage project timelines • Schedule and conduct virtual meetings • Organize tasks and documents Day One: Take It All In • Learn the steps and activities in standardized process workflow • Learn Teams & SharePoint application structure • Use Teams & SharePoint to organize projects/work, clients, resources, etc. • Use Outlook to support project processes appropriately Day Two: Focus on Work and Resources • Plan how the work will get done and who will help you deliver it. • Review workload and deadlines. • Use Planner, Teams, and SharePoint for task/work management • Share documents and collaborate Day Three: Make it Happen and Report Progress • Progress tasks and activities in Planner cards and Office 365 • Share links, not files, to create one documented version of the truth • Use SharePoint and learn tips in Power BI for reporting • Manage risks and issues using Office 365 Day Four: Wrap It Up and Close Out Work • Close out contracts, procurements, user acceptance testing, etc. • Obtaining sign-offs and submitting invoicing, as appropriate • Prepare project closure reports and archive documentation • Use Teams/Forms to create Project Retrospective surveys

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