Teams Adoption Planning Workshops: 8-Wk Workshop

APEX Digital Imaging, Inc.

Teams Adoption Services for up to 1,000 users: Driving people change to realize your Return on Investment (ROI)

Most business cases for technology purchases have one thing in common: to improve efficiency and productivity and to reduce costs. Customers, who realize the benefit of their technology, are those that also invest in how their employees adopt and use that technology.

Prosci®, Inc. conducted longitudinal research studies in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 showing that 94% of customers who effectively drove Change Management met or exceeded project objectives, compared to 15% of customers who drove Change Management poorly (or not at all). This means you are 6x more likely to meet or exceed your Teams rollout and adoption project objectives if you employ excellent Change Management to that project.

Our Adoption Services Offer provides guidance leading to reduced project execution risk, ongoing sustained improvement, and value realization.


The Adoption Services Offer Includes:

Through a series of Adoption Planning Workshops with business and technology stakeholders, we partner to produce:

An organizational readiness assessment that results in a summary view of your organization’s existing change management landscape.

Discovery sessions to uncover the intended business outcomes of the technology initiative.

Workforce analysis to document the new Teams scenarios of use and the characteristics of each impacted group of users.

A high-level change strategy that details scope, approach, and governance in support of your technology initiative.

Weekly Agenda:

  • Week 1 & 2: Strategy Phase
  • Week 3 & 4: Design Phase
  • Week 5 thru Week 8: Execution Phase


  • Communications Plan
  • Sponsorship Plan
  • Coaching Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Resistance Management Plan
  • Adoption Measurement Plan

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