Ransomware Protection: 1 Day-Workshop


Learn how the features in Microsoft 365 can protect you against Ransomware with a defense in depth strategy workshop

This is a 1-Day workshop with our trained Microsoft Security Architects on how you can protect your organization from Ransomware with Microsoft 365. We'll go over strategies and features in Microsoft 365 that can help with the 3 main threat vectors on how Ransomware gets into your company.

1 - Phishing Campaigns - We'll talk about why you should be concerned about Phishing Campaigns, and how you can utilize Microsoft Defender for Outlook as well as Defender for Endpoint to help combat this.

2 - Remote Access Protection - We'll talk about why having a good security and identity posture is key to stopping users from Credential Shuffling, with features such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure Single Sign On, Conditional Access, Privileged Identity Management, and more.

3 - Software Vulnerabilities, - We'll talk about how you can utilize Mobile Application Manager, Mobile Device Manager, and Basic Mobility Security to ensure the devices you are using to access your application and data are secure or protected before being allowed to access your data/applications.

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