Copilot for Microsoft 365: Managed Customer Trial for 300 users


Our Managed trial, ensures your business can fully evaluate Copilot in real scenarios, gain insights on how it can help your business, define, and measure objectives and value, and engage users

With our Managed Microsoft 365 Copilot trial, you can test the technology in real world scenarios, gain insights on how Copilot can help your business, define, and measure your objectives and value, and engage a diverse group of users to boost your productivity.

We will work with your IT, customer success and training teams to define, manage, report, and measure the success and ROI potential of using Microsoft 365 Copilot with up to three hundred users across your organisation.
Managed Trial Objectives There are three questions a pilot, PoC or trial needs to answer. These are:

  1. Do we, and where do we invest? : Identification of which personas an investment in Microsoft 365 Copilot will benefit the most, and how it will impact working practices and effort.
  2. What is the Return on Investment? : The measurable and quantifiable impact of where Microsoft 365 Copilot usage has on the improved the utilisation of the underpinning Microsoft 365 applications and the increased productivity gains in both time, effort, and cost.
  3. How will we realise that investment? Achieved through developing a scale rollout strategy based on the trial results, driving user engagement and enablement that focusing on key improvement areas first with a goal to realise the identified improved working practices, productivity gains and map this to improvements in terms of speed of output, efficiencies, or bottom-line costs.

  4. Key Steps to a Successful Copilot Trial

    With our managed trial service, we are committed to helping your organisation leverage the full potential of Copilot in Microsoft 365, while building a framework for adoption and change management both now and in the future.

    This comprehensive programme, which runs over a period of typically 8-12 weeks, includes the following:

    Preparation By creating solid Microsoft 365 Copilot Managed Trial foundations you can more successfully, engage your key business and technical stakeholders.

    1. Develop Trialist Personality and Role Specification.
    2. Create personas.
    3. Engage internal communications.
    4. Create trialist sign up process.
    5. Finalise broad trialist community.

    Execution For a "Copilot in Microsoft 365" successful trial, success means driving continual engagement.
    1. Contextualised training based on agreed personas.
    2. Immediate access to Copilot in Microsoft 365.
    3. Creation of Trialist Community.
    4. Curation of community and communication strategy.
    5. Scheduled check-in with users.
    6. Webinars and sharing of ideas.
    7. Trending and continual collation of user activity and feedback.

    Justification: The results of the trial can then be fed into a compelling Business Case to demonstrate justification of the use of Copilot in Microsoft 365.
    1. Fully defined and finalised personas.
    2. Define how Microsoft 365 Copilot can be utilised across differing roles and responsibilities (personas).
    3. Improved working practices, utilising the workplace technology already invested in.
    4. Measurable productivity savings across varying personas.
    5. Defined training plans aligned to organisational persona.
    6. How to successfully engage users and drive the adoption of improved working practices utilising Copilot and or other workplace technologies.

    This is a fully managed trial inclusive of planning, persona analysis, onboarding, training, adoption, feedback, and business case / ROI creation. It is led by a team of Change and Adoption Specialists who are experts in driving positive and measurable organisation change.

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