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Visual Report Makeover: 2-Day Implementation

Clouds On Mars

We will refine your existing report or dashboard using advanced data visualization and design skills so that it communicates information simply, clearly and accurately.

This 2-day implementation is for everyone who has already developed a report, dashboard, or a PoC and wants to release it to executives, salesforce, or use for external audience or broad consumption on hallway monitors.

After this project you will have a dynamic, working dashboard which was visually upgraded by data visualization experts so that it conveys the message you want, using best in class visuals, colors and layouts.


Day 1

Focus on understanding the objectives of the client’s report or dashboard, what story it is intended to convey, what is the use-case scenario and what visual/design standards exist in client’s organization. We redesign the dashboard during that day and overnight.

Day 2

We present and explain our work, capture your feedback, implement the improvements, harden and test the new report or dashboard according to agreed changes.


The price for the implementation is for a one screen report or dashboard. Multiple-screen dashboards or reports can be priced individually at volume discounted rates.