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PowerApps For Business: 3-Day Proof of Concept

Clouds On Mars

A Proof of Concept (PoC) where we build a PowerApp around a real business case or process of your choice.

In this 3-day Proof of Concept, we will review a business process of your choice and build a basic Power App as a working solution that you can use to automate your process and showcase it within your organization.


Day 1

Focuses on understanding the process you want to automate and drafting the solution

Day 2

Covers agile development of the solution in a constant feedback loop.

Day 3

Covers the integration into an end-to-end solution and includes testing and handover.


  • A Power App which supports one of your company’s business processes, is interactive and integrated with other components like Flow or SharePoint.
  • This application will be able to provide basic functions and allow you to assess the capabilities and value of PowerApps to drive your digital business process transformation.