Central Government Centre of Excellence Enablement 1-Day Workshop


Driving value from the Power Platform, through evangelism, governance and administration

Kerv Digital can help organisations adopt, understand and unleash the potential of Power Platform with the accelerated delivery of a CoE adoption workshop. Whether organisations are looking to start their journey with Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics or get the most from their existing investment. We will work with you during this 1 day workshop to establish the basis to foster innovation and culture around Power Platform. Building on the existing Microsoft toolkit with workshops designed and tested by Microsoft MVPs, we target the ‘why’ when implementing a Centre of Excellence / Enablement (CoE) to ensure buy-in for Power Platform across your Agency. From here, we can help you to establish a clear data platform and governance strategy. In this workshop we will help your agency to understand what is required to become data and insight led, and minimise the manual effort required for your staff to build apps and solutions that will make your organisation more efficient, more automated and more intelligent. By discussing key concepts, training, hackathons and using our simple tools in addition to Microsoft provided CoE tools, we can quickly steer your organisation to deliver new citizen services more efficiently. Kerv Digital have worked with multiple clients across Central Government helping to enable a center of excellence where your solution can be rapidly customised and extended to meet requirements for integrated solutions from Case Management to back office point solutions.

The workshops aim to look at enabling your ecosystems to work harder for you and will look at: Support & Operations / Admin & Governance / Nurture & Growth / Enablement of Factories

Challenges the workshop aims to resolve Data: -Data connector concerns -Capacity concerns Ability: -Unknown usage/Visibility -Active use -Unknown level of skill -Lacking support -Not sweating the asset -Lacking low-code driven culture Cost: -Licensing -App/Automation sprawl Compliance/ Control: -Unsure what components are being used and why -Lack of enforcement During the 1 day workshop we will look at how Kerv Digital can support your organisation on their COE adoption: Ensuring the promotion of innovation and enablement. -De-risking adoption with appropriate guardrails -Enable Fusion Development -Enable Support models

Following the workshop you will come away with a clear understanding on how to: -Provide support and continuity across diverse programmes -Extract best-practice from existing investments -Simplify future platform investment -Contribute to common technical components (CTCs) and deliver a unifying data model

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