Frontline Worker Adoption: 2-Wk Workshop

Delphi Consulting

Delphi Consulting will help you prepare your frontline users for the change in how business operates and align with your organizational vision of using Microsoft Teams.

For the most important and most strategic changes in the organization, much of the value that is expected is tied to how people do their jobs. Applying a structured change management approach is like taking out an insurance policy against the goals and objectives of the project.

Delphi Consulting will help you prepare your frontline users to adopt Microsoft 365 Teams solution. We aim to provide help to mitigate the risks of productivity loss, negative customer impact and employee turnover, while maximizing speed of adoption and ultimate utilization of the change in communication using Microsoft Teams throughout the organization.

Delphi’s offering:

  • Drive workshop with Business team to understand and proactively mitigate any challenges faced during adoption of Microsoft Teams
  • Customize training agenda for Business Requirements aimed at frontline workers.
  • Plan effective communication for the Frontline Workers to adopt Microsoft Teams
  • Deliver 3 Training sessions for Shifts, Planner, Walkie Talkie (Teams apps) for the Frontline Workers.
  • Configure up to 3 Teams with shifts & Planner to jumpstart the Microsoft Teams cloud journey.


  • Week 1: Understand Challenges faced by Business Users and Plan mitigation
  • Week 2: Delivery Training sessions with effective communication

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