ACM for Teams Meetings: 12-Week Managed Service

Engage Squared

To deliver a targeted change program that coaches key staff to on how to best use the technology available to them and run effective Teams Meetings regardless of where they are.

The research is clear - meetings are one of the biggest productivity killers for most organisations. As most businesses adjust to the challenges of hybrid work, it’s clear that the flow and process around how and where we meet has changed for good. As more staff start to make their way back into the office, the frequency of hybrid meetings will only continue to grow.

To support this, Engage Squared will partner with you to deliver a targeted change program that coaches key staff (e.g. senior leaders and champions) on how to best use the technology available to them and run effective Teams Meetings regardless of where they are. We’ll work with you to uncover pain points within your organisation and design a change program that increases the quality of collaboration across your staff.

By the end of this 10-12 week engagement, you will have:

  • Internal product experts:
  • Who can continue to support sustainable growth and knowledge transfer of the different meeting options in Teams (e.g. when to use a live event or Webinar over a Teams Meeting
  • Executive leaders and champions who understand best practices and industry standards:
  • Helping them 'walk the walk' and confidently understand how to use Microsoft Teams (and Microsoft 365 more broadly) for more efficient and engaging meetings
  • A reinvigorated Champion's Network:
  • Who can act as an extension of the core change team supporting the adoption of new meeting behaviours and rituals

We can deliver this engagement over a period of 10-12 weeks with a budget of ~$125,000 AUD (ex. GST)

Activities will include:

  • Discovery and change planning
  • Creation of self-serve training collateral
  • Delivery of a targeting hybrid meetings change & adoption campaign
  • Delivery of train-the-trainer sessions
  • Adoption measurement and recommendations for sustaining the change

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