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PowerUp with PowerApps: 1-Hr Briefing


PowerUp with Microsoft PowerApps to move up from spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are an amazing tool, but they are a poor business application for managing any kind of relationship.

It does not take long to outgrow a spreadsheet-based application. A common question we are asked is whether there are any options other than full-blown enterprise CRM solutions.

You can read more about the challenges of spreadsheet-based solutions here

Purpose of this Briefing

This no-obligation informational briefing is designed to review what you are doing with spreadsheets today and see if the Power Platform could do a better job.

  • The Power Platform includes PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow.
  • These applications run on the Common Data Service (CDS) platform.


What does this Briefing include?

This is a one-hour phone call with a Power Platform expert to accomplish the following items:

  • Review your existing spreadsheet-based business processes
  • Discuss your current goals and limitations
  • Review the alternatives and approaches with Power Platform
  • Review the licensing options and costs
  • Discuss the "Citizen Developer" capabilities
  • Discuss potential configuration costs and time
  • Provide you with links to specific resources based on the discovery

This is an informational briefing, not a sales call.

This Briefing is offered to U.S. based Organizations only, for U.K. based Organizations click here