GG Creating Power Apps MVP: 4 weeks

Garage GBS doo Beograd

Solve your pressing business challenge in a short time with creating a low-code business application

Together with your team we build a Power Apps-based solution that automates one of your business processes. Microsoft tools offer many possibilities for solving complex business challenges with low-code applications. In order to test those possibilities on real business scenarios in a short time - 4 weeks Proof of Concept (MVP) is your next step. As a result of these 4 weeks, you will get: working Power Platform solution with custom your-branded UI that you can use to digitalize your business process and showcase it within your organization. In addition to that you will get an overview of Microsoft low-code tools and an understanding of how to apply these capabilities for your business automation.


Week 1:
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Power Platform capabilities overview relevant to your case
  • Solution design
  • UI/UX design layout in Figma and architecture diagram demonstration
Week 2:
  • Use-cases analysis
  • Solution design and customization
  • UI/UX design layout polishing
  • First prototype demonstration with feedback gathering
Week 3:
  • Solution design and customization
  • UI/UX design implementing
  • Second prototype demonstration with feedback gathering
  • Analyzing final scope and changes which can be implemented
Week 4:
  • Solution design and customization finalization
  • Solution presentation
  • Documentation preparation
  • Providing end-user access to solution
  • Administrators and end-user training


  • MVP of business application (mobile or desktop) in your environment
  • UI/UX design layout in Figma
  • Use-cases and user guide
  • Solution architecture diagram
  • Solution Roadmap and budget estimate (if applicable)

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